Precision, professionalism, efficiency and quality control - these are the principles upon which DTC was founded and continues to operate.  Though based in the tradition of design-build construction, DTC’s evolution now involves pioneering a wide range of project management approaches that include various forms which unify owners, consultants, and contractor(s) into a results-oriented building team.  Our approach promotes single source accountability, improved cost control, shortened time frames and a relationship that keeps clients coming back again and again.  Today’s satisfied customers are tomorrow’s growth opportunities.  DTC’s continued commitment to the customer, maintenance of its excellent reputation and the principles of precision, professionalism, efficiency and quality control remain hallmarks ofBuilding with Confidence.

What We Do

Duncan Theis Construction, Inc. will assist you at every stage, from preconstruction to completion.


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Meet Our People

All of our team are highly qualified individuals with degrees in architecture, engineering or construction. We have a long-standing relationship with these professionals which allows a stream-lined design and premitting process.

Our Past Projects

We're proud of our achievements. Our projects page lets you explore our portfolio. It showcases a sampling of our finished work and features a selection of photos demonstrating our capabilities.